Dance by Rashmi Sundriyal Gairola on Chaita ki Chaitwal

Rashmi although born and brought up in Delhi, hails from the mountains of Pauri Garhwal. She is a disciple of renowned Guru Late Shri Harishchandra Rawat, who was also from the great State of Uttarakhand. She got her training in Kathak, folk and semi-classical from the great Guru himself and has been performing at different platforms across the world for the past 30 years. She has achieved awards and accolades for her performances from artistes of repute such as Pt. Jasraj and the likes. Rashmi has conducted various dance workshops and has been on the panel of judges for dance competitions as well. Her style of dancing is more towards abhinaya with rhythmic twirls and swift hand movements.

Rashmi lives in Keller, Texas with her two beautiful daughters, a loving husband, and a hyper-friendly dog. She works in a pharmaceutical company in the field of quality. In her spare time, Rashmi loves to try new recipes and listen to audio books.

जीणेकि उमुक   
-भारत लोहनी

मैं हिम्मत नि हारूँल, मैं हार नि मानुल 
देख राखिं चलक कतुक
गों बग् गईं गाङू में
मैं गिर-गिर बेर उठ रयुं 
मैं आघिले बड़ुल 
मैं हिम्मत नि हारूँल, मैं हार नि मानुल 
उजड़ गे मेस्पोटोमिया
मटियामेट छू हड्डपा
मैं मिट-मिट बेर बणि छूं 
मैं नामनिशाण नि मिटण द्यूंल
मैं हिम्मत नि हारूँल, मैं हार नि मानुल 
उधरजो भ्योव, फैल्जो बण्आग् 
चाहे धरती किले नि फाट् जो 
मैं जिद में आपुणि अड़ गयुं
जो ठान् राखि उ करूंल
मैं हिम्मत नि हारूँल, मैं हार नि मानुल 
बोइ रेछि प्लेग बुखार
अब यो कोरोनाक् महामारी 
मैं जीणेकि उमुक लिई छू
मैं जिबेरे रूंल
मैं मौत हूँ लड़ ज्यूल 
मैं हिम्मत नि हारूँल, मैं हार नि मानुल

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About the poet:

Dr. Bharat Lohani earned his PhD from the University of Reading, UK in 1999. Presently he is Professor at IIT Kanpur. Dr. Lohani has published over 100 research papers and articles in journals of repute and delivered over 60 invited talks. He is recipient of several awards and recognitions, including ‘ISRS Geospatial Excellence Award’, ‘Fellow of Indian Society of remote Sensing’, and ‘Fellow Institution of Surveyors’.