Programs Driven by UMA

Guided by its Mission, UMA runs following Programs:

Local Impact Programs:

  • volunteering initiatives like Cooking Food for Homeless in Homeless Shelters
  • fund Raising Drive for COVID-19 to appreciate healthcare frontline workers – Kaiser Permanente; Red Cross
  • social Networking Programs: Annual Dinner, Outdoor Picnic, speciality events – Diwali Get-together, Volunteer Appreciation Evening. These programs are meant to not only provide a platform to help new immigrants, but also spead awareness about Uttarakhandi culture – songs, dances, music, food, dialects to children and youth who are growing up in the USA.

Social Benefit Programs in Uttarakhand

  • partnership with FFE ( to support higher education in Uttarakhand
  • partnership with America India Foundation ( to support employment-based programs in Uttarakhand – specifically for those who got directly or indirectly impacted by Kedarnath Floods of year 2013
  • direct support to underprivileged students – not covered under FFE programs