Uttarakhand Mandal of America (UMA) has has actively partnered with larger organizations to drive a number of social benefits programs in Uttarakhand. All these programs are essentially targeted towards the under privileged people from remote and difficult terrain of the Himalayan state. Brief description of such programs is given below:

  • FFE (ffe.org) to support higher education
  • AIF (aif.org) to support employment-based programs
  • Direct support to underprivileged students – (not covered under FFE programs)

FFE Scholarship Program in Uttarakhand

UMA has been partnering with Foundation for Excellence (FFE – https://ffe.org ) since year 2006-07 to provide scholarships to deserving under-privileged engineering and medical students from the State of Uttarakhand. As a result, FFE awarded $627,000 in scholarships to 612 students from Uttarakhand for higher studies.

FFE Scholarships in Uttarakhand:

FY No. Amount (Rs)
2011-12 36 8,96,483
2012-13 46 12,22,402
2013-14 60 17,77,500
2014-15 127 45,27,500
2015-16 199 73,62,500
2016-17 224 85,58,900
2017-18 184 75,79,300

Source: https://ffe.org/our-story/reports/

UMA Stipend

Even though UMA has been working with FFE to provide scholarships to deserving under-privileged students from Uttarakhand, but still there were a number of highly deserving students who could not qualify the stringent criteria set by FFE for all over India. Uttarakhand being a remote, hilly and one of the least developed states of India, students from here were no match for students from more developed states like Gujarat, Andhra and Tamil Nadu. UMA felt the need to support a few more students who could not qualify for FFE scholarships.

Under this program, UMA has so far granted a sum of $12,900 in stipends to 36 such under- privileged students from Uttarakhand.

UMA Stipend in Uttarakhand:

Summary Male Female Total Amount
Year 2017-18 1 1 $700
Year 2016-17 3 5 $2,800
Year 2015-16 5 6 $3,850
Year 2014-15 2 7 $3,150
Year 2013-14 1 5 $2,400
Total 12 24 $12,900

Source: UMA Report