Operation Rebuild

Kedarnath Floods of 2013 were so devastating, they were termed as Himalayan Tsunami or Himalayan Calamity.  UMA raised $300,000 which was leveraged to $600,000 by entering into partnership with AIF to help flood impacted people. Almost all the Operation Rebuild projects were executed and managed by AIF.

Facts About Himalayan Calamity of 2013

  • The calamity in Himalayan region of Northern India was not mere flooding but an ecological disaster of epic proportions.
  • The huge dumping of water from complex cloud burst and flooding triggered massive landslides and road ruptures that washed away scores of houses and bridges and buried valleys in several feet of debris.
  • There was huge impact to local people whose homes and livelihoods had completely been destroyed
  • Estimates were that several thousand people lost their lives and a few hundred thousand families had been rendered homeless & displaced. Because the human and property damage was buried under debris, search and rescue or digging of any sort was of little help.
  • All rehabilitation work had to keep into consideration the fragile Himalayan eco-system and future prevention.

AIF – UMA Partnership

What is AIF?

American India Foundation (https://www.aif.org) is the largest foundation serving India. Amid the tragic devastation caused by the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee recognized the need for a philanthropy platform that would connect the world’s two largest democracies and provide a trusted bridge for meaningful participation in India’s democratic and economic growth for both Americans and Indians. The American India Foundation has since built on this vision and created countless opportunities for India’s poor to live successful, productive lives while creating impactful change at an unprecedented scale, changing the lives of more than 4.6 million of India’s less fortunate.

Why did UMA Partnered with AIF?

AIF has substantial resources and experience in projects in Uttarakhand. It strengthen Operation Rebuild by providing access to AIF infrastructure, resources and global donors.