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UMA Achievements – Details:

FFE Scholarship:

$627,000 in scholarships to 612 students from Uttarakhand for higher studies, in partnership with FFE

UMA Stipend:

$12,000 in stipends to 36 under- privileged students from Uttarakhand

Operation Rebuild*:

$280,000 grant to AIF; completed 6 programs of skill development/ job creation under Operation Rebuild* program

*  Operation Rebuild –  Kedarnath Floods of 2013 were so devastating, they were termed as Himalayan Tsunami.  UMA raised $300,000 which was leveraged to $600,000 by entering into partnership with AIF to help flood impacted people.

FFE Scholarships in Uttarakhand:

Source: https://ffe.org/our-story/reports/

UMA Stipend in Uttarakhand:

Source: UMA Report

Operations Rebuild*

Social Uplift Impact (No. of Families/Women in 2013-Disaster Impacted Areas of Uttarakhand)

1. MVDA Livelihood Project – 600 families

2.Jan Jagaran Samiti Project – 300 families

3.Arsha Vidya Pitham School Project – 40 students

4.HARC Livelihood Project – 1500 women

5.Employability and Enterpreneurship Project – 5000 women

Source: UMA Reports