To help your first step is to become a member. The contributions to UMA are not only limited to your money. You may contribute your time or your expertise to the organization, and it would be as valuable as your money.

Your Money

The simplest way to contribute to UMA is by donating money to the organization. Paypal your contribution to account, and a receipt would be sent to you which you may use for Tax exemptions.

Your Time

Money is not everything. It may sound a bit cliched, but contributing your time with various voluntary activities are worth more than the money that you may contribute. Through the year, UMA volunteers organize various social, fund raising and partner participation activities. Volunteering your time to help with these events will go a long way in growing UMA. Please become a member and let us know how you would be able to help with your time.

Your Expertise

Besides your time and money, you may want to contribute your expertise to UMA. We are looking for folks with expertise in Web Development, Public Speaking, Financials, Taxes, Event Planning, Catering, and many other functions. If you have good experience in any of these, or something else that you think may be beneficial in growing UMA, we would appreciate your help. Please send a note to