COVID-19 Fund Raising by UMA Team

UMA Executive Team decided to help the COVID-19 frontline workers in whatever way we can.

Accordingly, an appeal was sent to its members and patrons to donate for the cause. UMA members and patrons responded with their contributions and UMA was able to raise more than $5000 for the cause.

The funds raised for this cause were promptly disbursed as under:

250 Lunch Packets to Kaiser Healthcare Workers

UMA team collaborated with a local restaurant to provide 250 lunch packs to healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CA. The UMA personally delivered the food packets to Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara facility. Judith M Quisquino and Victoria L Lavelle from Kaiser Permanente co-ordinated with UMA Team.

Judith M Quisquino from Kaiser Permanente appreciated the efforts from UMA and sent a thank you note signed by a number of staff members:

Donation to Red Cross

UMA team also donated $1500 to Red Cross towards their COVID-19 fund raising efforts. The check was delivered to: