Register for UMA ANNUAL DINNER 2022

Greetings! After an oversubscribed and entertaining UMA picnic, we are excited to invite you to our Annual Dinner bash – A fun-filled gala event where UMA families can enjoy networking, entertaining cultural program, special guest performance, delicious food, and UMA-sponsored drinks – all under the grand roof of My Royal Palace! We have limited capacity […]

UMA Picnic 2022

UMA annual picnic 2022 happened after 3 gruelling years of the pandemic and was a HUGE success ! It was very heartening to see numerous new faces amongst the attendees ! Here are some memorable moments from it: Click on the link below: UMA Picnic 2022

UMA Annual Dinner 2022

Come join us for our next fun-filled event – UMA Annual Dinner on Friday, December 9th. Did not get this evite? click below:

Covid-19 – Help India drive Completed !

Uttarakhand Mandal of America ( UMA ) Covid-19  India support: May 11, 2021 Dear donors A BIG THANK YOU for your kind donation to alleviate the Covid-19 suffering in Uttarakhand! We could not have done it without your support. We are happy to report that UMA donated $10,000 to “All World Gayatri Pariwar” (AWGP) who are adding 50 Covid beds […]

CoVid-19 Times – Quilts by Madhumita Pathak

We have all experienced stress and anxiety in this era of COVID-19. One of the many ways I have found solace is to make a quilt. The wide range of colors and the light and dark hues represent the variety of people who live here in the United States.The heart symbol stands for love, it […]

Jhari-Pani: Glimpses of Monsoon Rain in Uttarakhand Hills

‘झड़ी-पानी’ ‘सावन के महीने की धूप तो गैंडे की खाल को भी सुखा देती हैं’ यह हमारे पहाड़ की एक प्रचलित कहावत है। अब यहां का दुरुह जन-जीवन इंसानों को तो कतई इजाजत नहीं देता है कि वो खा-खा कर गैंडे जैसे हो जाएं । तब धूप खुद पर कही बात को सिद्ध करती है […]

Harela – The State Festival of Uttarakhand

हरेला / सोलह जुलाई – इस दिन हमारे उत्तराखंड का राजकीय पर्व हरेला मनाया जाता है। पर्व की परंपरा यह रही है कि परिवार के मुखिया एक टोकरी में मिट्टी डालकर उसमें गेहूं, जौ, मक्का, उड़द, गहत, सरसों, चना बो देते हैं। नवें दिन डिकर पूजा यानी गुड़ाई होती है। दसवें दिन हरेला काटा जाता […]

Uttarakhandi Diaspora

In terms of population, Uttarakhand is a small state of India. Only 0.83% of India’s population lives in Uttarakhand. Despite small population, Uttarakhandi people are spread all over the world, contributing significantly to the global economy. Here is a glimpse of the Uttarakhandi Diaspora. San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA Find out more Uttarakhand Association […]