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Nov 25

CoVid-19 Times – Quilts by Madhumita Pathak

We have all experienced stress and anxiety in this era of COVID-19. One of the many ways I have found solace is to make a quilt. The wide range of
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Sep 04

Jhari-Pani: Glimpses of Monsoon Rain in Uttarakhand Hills

'झड़ी-पानी' 'सावन के महीने की धूप तो गैंडे की खाल को भी सुखा देती हैं' यह हमारे पहाड़ की एक प्रचलित कहावत है। अब यहां का दुरुह जन-जीवन इंसानों को
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Sep 04

Harela – The State Festival of Uttarakhand

हरेला / सोलह जुलाई - इस दिन हमारे उत्तराखंड का राजकीय पर्व हरेला मनाया जाता है। पर्व की परंपरा यह रही है कि परिवार के मुखिया एक टोकरी में मिट्टी
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UMA Annual Picnic 2019

Aug 01
Click here for Pictures:  UMA Annual Picnic 2019
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Uttarakhand FAQs

May 05
Q: What is Uttarakhand’s location & statistics ? Uttarakhand became the 27th state of India on November 2000. It borders Tibet in the north-east and Nepal to the south-east, while
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Feb 19
Thanks to all Pahari's from Silicon Valley for supporting Diwali Dinner 2019!!!....Sold Out.....Also, thanks to our Platinum Sponsor - Karishma and Deepak Chandani of Anthem Group
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