UMA Picnic 2021 !

Dear Uttarakhandi friends, Yes, it’s the popular UMA picnic time! Games, hikes and gupshup with the UMA family. Of course with yummy khaana! (Provided we have enough people joining the picnic) Put on some sunscreen, grab chairs or mats and join in the fun! Date: 31 October 2021Time: 12.15 AM – 4.15 PMVenue:  Coyote Hills Regional Park, 8000 Patterson Ranch Rd, […]

Covid-19 – Help India drive Completed !

Uttarakhand Mandal of America ( UMA ) Covid-19  India support: May 11, 2021 Dear donors A BIG THANK YOU for your kind donation to alleviate the Covid-19 suffering in Uttarakhand! We could not have done it without your support. We are happy to report that UMA donated $10,000 to “All World Gayatri Pariwar” (AWGP) who are adding 50 Covid beds […]

CoVid-19 Times – Quilts by Madhumita Pathak

We have all experienced stress and anxiety in this era of COVID-19. One of the many ways I have found solace is to make a quilt. The wide range of colors and the light and dark hues represent the variety of people who live here in the United States.The heart symbol stands for love, it […]

Jhari-Pani: Glimpses of Monsoon Rain in Uttarakhand Hills

‘झड़ी-पानी’ ‘सावन के महीने की धूप तो गैंडे की खाल को भी सुखा देती हैं’ यह हमारे पहाड़ की एक प्रचलित कहावत है। अब यहां का दुरुह जन-जीवन इंसानों को तो कतई इजाजत नहीं देता है कि वो खा-खा कर गैंडे जैसे हो जाएं । तब धूप खुद पर कही बात को सिद्ध करती है […]

Harela – The State Festival of Uttarakhand

हरेला / सोलह जुलाई – इस दिन हमारे उत्तराखंड का राजकीय पर्व हरेला मनाया जाता है। पर्व की परंपरा यह रही है कि परिवार के मुखिया एक टोकरी में मिट्टी डालकर उसमें गेहूं, जौ, मक्का, उड़द, गहत, सरसों, चना बो देते हैं। नवें दिन डिकर पूजा यानी गुड़ाई होती है। दसवें दिन हरेला काटा जाता […]

Uttarakhandi Diaspora

In terms of population, Uttarakhand is a small state of India. Only 0.83% of India’s population lives in Uttarakhand. Despite small population, Uttarakhandi people are spread all over the world, contributing significantly to the global economy. Here is a glimpse of the Uttarakhandi Diaspora. San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA Find out more Uttarakhand Association […]

Uttarakhand: From a BIMARU State to One of the Front Runners

Uttarakhand, a Himalayan state of India was carved out of Uttar Pradesh (UP) on Nov 1, 2000. This year the state completes two decades of its existence after separation from the massive power house state of India. What has Uttarakhand achieved in these two decades? Let’s look into the positives. Before we delve into the […]

Uttarakhand FAQs

Q: What is Uttarakhand’s location & statistics ? Uttarakhand became the 27th state of India on November 2000. It borders Tibet in the north-east and Nepal to the south-east, while its neighbour states are Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The provisional capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun & the High Court is situated in the district […]

Food and Travel

This blog will cover the exotic cuisine and destinations of Uttarakhand.